10 Key Benefits of Onion and Garlic

In the speed life of today, people ignoring their natural food habits and they are showing much interest in buying on-line food. You may not know what ingredients they add. The natural items like Onion and Garlic make you healthier, if you take regularly.

Garlic and Onion Benefits

The reason for any common health issue is because of less immunity power.

There are two proven items Garlic and Onion are very good to increase immunity power. My aim is to give the list of health benefits by using these items.

When you use natural items, with less expensive way you can increase your body immunity

Typical Benefits of Garlic and Onion

  1. Increases metabolic rate
  2. Increases Blood Circulation in the arteries of heart
  3. Controls Blood Sugar and maintains Sugar levels natural
  4. Avoids blood clots
  5. Sends out from your body of metals like Lead and Mercury
  6. Avoids frequent Common flu and Fever
  7. Increases immunity power
  8. Controls bad Cholesterol
  9. You can take Garlic capsules, if not possible to take in food with the consultation of Ayurveda Doctor
  10. Cleans toxins from Lever and improves performance of digestion system

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How to Cure Migraine Quickly The Right Way

A lot of medicinal benefits you will get from Eucalyptus. The most popular benefits are Anti-inflammatory and Anti-Septic. It has benefits to reduce fever as well.

When you use this as inhaler it can cure respiratory problems.

It provides concentration when you use this in your Bath water of a few drops. So that you can focus more on your studies.

Pretty good for Skin problems like Wounds, Injuries. It can cure quickly when you apply as an ointment.

Aroma oils

Pretty good for Respiratory Problems

Benefits of Eucalyptus aroma oil

  • It Cures Migraine
  • It is Good for Malaria
  • It reduces Fever
  • It Cures common Cold
  • Good medicine for Cough
  • Useful for Sinusitis

The power feature of Anti Bacterial helps you cure many common health problems.

You can use Eucalyptus for Skin burns and to improve your immune system.

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How to remove dandruff Quickly

Even Though there are creams and shampoos to cure dandruff in the market, these proven home made ideas useful to get rid of dandruff quickly.

Hair dandruff

12 top ideas on how to get rid of Dandruff

1. Tea tree Oil

Mix Tea tree essential oil in your shampoo and complete your head bath. Like this if you do regularly, you can avoid dandruff completely.

2. Aspirin Tablet

Buy an Aspirin tablet in your near by medical store. Make it to a powder. Mix it with your shampoo. Apply on your hair for about 2 minutes. Then complete your head bath.

3. Cooking Soda

Take small quantity of Cooking soda. Apply on your hair. Massage your hair with cooking soda. Then do your regular head bath. You will get soft hair and your dandruff will be removed.

4. Apple Cider Vinegar

Take 1/4 cup of Apple Cider Vinegar and add 1/4 cup of water. Spray this mixture on your hair. After 1/2 an hour do your regular bath. Just do this weekly 2 times.

5. Mouth Wash

Mouth wash you can also use it to remove dandruff on your hair. After your head bath just rinse your hair with Moth wash. Just do this weekly 2 or 3 times.

6. Coconut Oil

Massage your hair with Coconut oil and wait for 30 minutes. Then go for head bath with your usual shampoo.

7. Lemon

Massage Lemon on your hair for 5 minutes. Take head bath with warm water. You can do this kind of Massage even daily.

8. Salt

Take table salt and apply on your hair. Like you can do massage with this salt. After 5 or 10 minutes you can do head bath with your regular shampoo.

9. Alovera

Apply Alovera juice on your hair. Monthly you can do this 1 or 2 times. This will remove your dandruff completely.

10. Olive Oil

Apply Olive Oil on your hair before the night. Do your head bath in the morning.

11. Green Tea

Massage with Green Tea liquid before your head bath. Allow 10 or 15 minutes. Your dandruff will be removed.

12. Fenugreek

Soak Fungreek seeds in water before the night. Use your mixture to make Fungreek as paste. Apply this paste on your hair. After 10 minutes do your head bath.

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5 Worth-it alternatives for Tea or Coffee

You can avoid Tea or Coffee in the morning. Tea or Coffee increases your blood pressure. You already know that sugar levels increases your blood pressure.

In the morning if you take more Tea or Coffee both Tea and Coffee and Sugar increases laziness in you.

To be active, and be healthy without Sugar or BP, I am suggesting here some drinks. These morning drinks really boost your health.

List of Alternatives

  1. Butter Milk
  2. Raagi Malt
  3. Almonds
  4. Honey with warm water
  5. Oats with hot water

Good Morning Drinks provide Good Health and you can live longer

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Break All the Rules Try these Ideas to stop Hair fall

Long hair in silky look really gives you a beautiful look. Your hair is your asset to look awesome. Dress can be any – you will look nice way when you have good looking hair.

Avoid Hair fall

Only your hair is matter. Both men and women want awesome look when they take images. The smooth and silky hair gives you real glow in your face.

Daily use ideas to stop Hair fall

Hair Drying..

Avoid hair drying machines at all cost. These machines only helpful in rainy season, when you want to go to office in the morning and you have less time to keep dry. But my simple ideas is avoid them.

Those make your hair dry and possibility of hair splits.

Protect from hot sunlight…

Always cover your hair with Cap or Hand kerchief or Scarves to get protection from sunlight. This helps you avoid dust enter into your hair. So that the roots of hair will not damage.

Hair Comb..

Invest some money to buy quality Combs. These Combs are not hard and they work as smooth combing. Help you avoid hair splits.

Food Habits..

Always take Vegetables, Salads, Fruits in your food. Avoid Pickles and lot of salt at any cost. Also take more proteins like Almonds, Dry fruits, Groundnuts, and Berries. You can also eat premium dry fruit mix for your good health and hair.

Brain Teaser Week 4

This week question is awesome. It looks simple but it is tricky. Only intelligent people can answer it.

push hard

Question for Week 4 Brain Teaser..

A and B participated in a 100 meters running race. B rallied back by 5 meters. To encourage him, this time A stood 5 meters behind the starting line.

Now who will win? A or B or Both?

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