The awesome Tea for Breakfast


Irish Tea Benefits

Looking for a coffee substitute to start your day? Irish breakfast tea will give you just the right punch. It’s one of a number of blends of black teas gathered from all over the world that can perk you up and help you to get started each morning. It’s excellent for people who don’t drink coffee, says Twining.

The top benefits

  • Irish Breakfast Tea has a high magnesium content. Magnesium is a water-insoluble mineral that aids in helps in forming healthy bones and teeth. It also may help reduce the severity of asthma attacks.
  • Irish Breakfast Tea contains a good amount of caffeine, though not as much as coffee. A cup of black tea is said to yield only about a half or a third of caffeine as a similar cup of black coffee. While caffeine is believed to help sharpen and improve brain performance, it is also known to contribute to palpitations and insomnia when taken in large amounts.
  • Irish Breakfast Tea has a considerable content of Vitamin B1 or thiamine. Thiamine is a water-soluble vitamin that enables the body to use its carbohydrate intake for energy-use. It also helps enhance blood circulation.

Best tip to stop face wrinkles

Face tips

Tips to avoid face wrinkles

According to new study many women facing black rings around eyes and wrinkles on face at younger age. There are many reasons and the best one is tension and competition at workplace etc. The best tip to avoid wrinkles is you can do it at home.

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Take 2 table spoons of rice powder and add enough honey. Apply the paste around face, and wait for sometime and clean your face. This gradually avoids wrinkles and you will get shiny smooth beautiful face.

5 foods to avoid controlling Thyroid

5 foods to avoid for thyroid problems

5 foods to avoid for thyroid problems

1. Iodine Rich Foods
Iodine increases the activity of the thyroid gland hence it is necessary to avoid foods containing iodine, if you are suffering from hyperthyroidism.
• You should avoid seaweeds, kelp and other sea foods which are rich in iodine.
• You should avoid taking iodized salt as this salt contains excess iodine in them.

2. Caffeine
It is necessary to avoid stimulants like coffee, sugar or other caffeinated or stimulating food and drink as they intensify the symptoms of hyperthyroidism.
• Replace caffeinated drinks with water or healthy fruit juices.

3. Whole Milk
Consumption of whole milk is not good for hyperthyroidism. So try to avoid whole milk.
• Consume skimmed milk which are healthy and easy to digest.

4. Enriched Flour
This flour contains fewer nutrients than the whole grains and is difficult to get digested. This is a high glycemic food and may disrupt your sugar and hormone level in the blood. Consuming foods with lower glycemic index can restore the healthy hormone levels in the body including thyroid hormone.
• Replace the enriched pasta, bread, snacks, cereals with 100 % whole grains like brown rice, barley, quinoa, air- popped popcorn, whole wheat breads etc.

5. Alcohol – Avoid alcohol at any cost.

How to make homemade Conditioner

Long Hair tips

Long Hair tips

The following is really nice and great conditioner for your hair before you do shampoo. Just try this.

My Indian grandmother Rekha had the most beautiful long, black hair. She taught me to mix 2 tbsp each of amla, coconut, and castor oils and heat it lightly on the stove. Massage the warm oil into the scalp.

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After letting it sit for 30 minutes, shampoo and condition as normal. It was a great bonding experience with her.