How to Select Laptop Stand

Prevent back pain

All Laptop users, its necessary to maintain correct posture otherwise you may be a victim of repetitive strain injury like back, neck, shoulder, wrist, finger/hand pain.


Without eStand-laptop (product details) it is impossible to maintain correct posture while working on a laptop. Key Features Convert your normal desk into a correct posture workstation.

eStand-laptop gives the correct place to keep your laptop, keyboard, and mouse. The laptop-screen surface may be adjusted from 3.5 inches to 10 inches above your table. The keyboard and mouse surface may be adjusted from 10 inches to 3.5 inches below your table (Check spec details).

The distance between laptop and keyboard surface is fixed 11.5 inches which suits Software Developers

The maximum thickness of the table to which it can be attached is 1.5 inches- please check thickness before ordering.


Made of high strength steel and powder coated, boards are well finished. Works as a table attachment of your normal working desk. eStand-laptop helps to maintain correct posture while working on the laptop.


  1. eStand is suitable for home-use and office use.
  2. Made in India and specially designed for Software Developers. Light, good-looking, durable in use.
  3. Single lock controlled- easy to adjust and use. Only product in India which gives you the flexibility to use a laptop incorrect sitting posture.
  4. The monitor, CPU, Keyboard & Mouse in the images are only for representation purposes, these are not the part of the stand.


  • This is mainly useful for Home purposes, so not good for office use. Since in office already tables are present

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