3 Ideas: How to get Selected in Interviews

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Attending interviews really is a mandatory requirement for all IT or Software developers. Especially, women, they can follow these tips to get selected.

Based on my experience, I have selected less expensive tips for software developers both girls and boys on how to show physical appearance during interviews

How to Appear for Interviews

1. Confidence

The confidence look comes when you smile more. This you can practice at your friends, and at your home. Then get sleep well before the day to give the interview positively.

2. Dress

The dress is so much matter. Just buy 3 or 4 shirts/pants with decent colors like blue or light blue with different patterns. This puts you a totally different look. Then neat shave for boys.

For girls, a neat and fresh face takes you a long way, and your chances are more to select. Just before you come to the interview, apply ice cubes on your face. This is a very good tip and it is being followed by many people.

3. Good makeup

Good and professional makeup paves a way to get selected easily. Avoid Body sprays at any cost. Use face brightness creams to appear with a glowing face. This creates a pretty positive environment during the interview.


The above three are my best tips and these are not expensive. But your chances are bright to select in the interviews.

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