How to use home-gym to improve muscle Strength

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A home gym is one of the best options for software ( IT) developers. They can save a lot of time, and they can be active the whole day.

What is Fitness?

Fitness is the first step in preventive medicine. It has become commonplace over the past decade for doctors to recommend a regular exercise program for their patients to supplement their treatment or recovery process.

Fitness for Software Engineers.

Most of the times they sit in the same place. This causes no body movements for other parts and they tend to become lazy

Sitting in front of the system after immediate eating causes to increase body mass in tummy. This is the reason after working 5 years in IT industry, the tummy size increases and it causes pretty inconvenience to carry their job.

The girls in IT industry are severely facing health complications due to lack of proper exercise

Which Home-gym is the best?

In our study we found that the BodyMAXX is one of the reputed brand, and it delivers home gym equipment at low price.

  1. Body Maxx 40 Kg Weight lifting combo of Rubber plates
  2. Multi-Purpose 6 in 1 bench press
  3. Two Dumbells Rods
  4. Three Feet Curl Bar
  5. Five Feet Straight Bar
  6. Gloves + Rope + Gym Bag + Hand Grippers & 4 Locks

The user guide supplied along with the above item is simple to understand and to follow.

It saves you time.

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