Top Eye Precautions useful for Software Developers

Eye care

Many of the times Software developers facing Eye problems, because they sit before the system many hours. It de-hydrates water in the eyes and creates an itching, and eyes will become red.

The other problems

  • IT developers working in the B and C shifts also facing itching and redness in eyes
  • Any one, if they do not take break after every one hour, they also face the problem
#eye mask for It Developers


The Eye mask if you use it daily, you can avoid your eye problems, and your vision will not be affected.

Procedure on how to use Eye-mask or Eye-Pad

  • Store the cool eye pad in chiller of refrigerator for 10-15 minutes before use.
  • Apply cool eye mask completely covering your eyes. Keep it on your eyes for a minimum
  • of 15-30 minutes with your eyes closed. You will find that your whole eyes will get
  • Regular use will help to reduce wrinkles & dark circles around the eyes.
  • Cool eyes mask can be applied on forehead during fever

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