Nail care home remedies to get awesome looking

nail care

Handling of Nails by women is much needed. So that they will get beautiful hands. The below are the proven tips to care your nails.

Nail beauty tips

Women Nail Care

For dry, brittle nails– rub petroleum jelly or a thick cream into your nails to hold moisture around and under your nails.

If you do this at bedtime, slip a pair of thin cotton gloves on your hands before you to sleep.

Other tips – Wear vinyl gloves every time you wash dishes or do other household tasks that require you to immerse your hands in water.

(Vinyl is best, because people with nail problems tend to have skin that is sensitive to rubber.)

And avoid polish removers that contain acetone or formaldehyde. They’re terribly drying to nails. Use acetate-based removers instead.

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