3 Tips for super best Ponytail

Pony tail
Ponytail tips
Ponytail tips

Three best tips you can do for beautiful ponytail. You will appear very nice in the group, and in office so that your value will increase, and they call you to organise a function and also keep you as an anchor. Beauty is the matter. How you appear really makes to top position.

  1. Direct your blow dry.
    For a super sleek ponytail , you always want to blow dry your hair in the direction you want the hair to land. Blow dry hair from the root straight back in the direction of where the ponytail is going to ensure it lays properly.
  2. Tilt your head back.
    When pulling hair into a ponytail (Cutler pulled hair back in sections), tilt your head back slightly to create a tighter hold. This helps keep the hair underneath from slipping out after you secure the pony.
  3. Upgrade your elastic.
    When you secure a ponytail with a regular elastic, the hair loses tension over time and eventually slips out. Instead, Cutler used a hair bungee to wrap the ponytail. To keep the hair in place, twist one end of the bungee clockwise around the base of the ponytail and then twist the other end of the bungee counterclockwise, then tie the two ends in a tight knot.

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