2 Quick Ideas to Remove Stains from Clothes

How many shirts have been ruined by leaking pens? You can’t hear it, and you can’t smell it.

But you sure can see it—that horrifying blue or black ink stain at the base of your shirt pocket. Can you rescue the shirt? Yes, with the help of rubbing alcohol.

Put three paper towels, one on top of the other and folded in half, on a flat surface, such as a kitchen counter. Put the shirt pocket over the paper towels and pour rubbing alcohol onto the ink-just enough to cover the area.

The paper towels will absorb the alcohol and draw the ink away from the fabric. Replace the paper towels when they become saturated. Repeat the process after about two minutes.

The alcohol will loosen up the ink. Rinse by pouring water on the stained area, again changing the paper towels.

Tip for dull and Oily skin – Massage the skin with iced yogurt and sprinkle some sugar along with it. Now take orange halves and scrub gently until the granules melt. Wash the face with iced water and see the difference

If there is still a slight ink stain, apply nail polish remover (acetone) to a cloth and rub it on the stained shirt. Rinse with water; then presoak with a stain remover such as Shout and let it soak for 15 to 20 minutes before laundering.

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