Super best Daily food that double your energy levels

Daily food Habits
Daily food Habits

Daily we normally take food to get energy that you need to complete activities of that day.

My recent observations…..

Even though some people had good food, by the end of the day, they tell that today I am not feeling well and not able to do my work.

The reasons are as follows…

“Your diet is a bank account. Good food choices are good investments.

After waking up-Take a bowl of fruits. Then you can start your work.

Before going to office-Take Idly, wada, dosa, Puri. But this should not be more than 600 calories. Since four idly and chutny will form 400 calories.

During Lunch-Eat chapathi and some curd rice. Since many people take rice. This gives sleepy and dizziness. So better chapathies.

During Snacks-Avoid all junk foods like chat, Pani puri, Pav bazzi. Just take only vegetable salad

During Dinner-Take rice with some vegetable curry and Rasam.

Before bed-During this time take either buttermilk or Milk. Avoid curd during night Dinner or before going to bed.


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