Poori stuffed potato process to make instantly

Top poori with masala potato snack to make instantly when you are busy with your work. It takes less time.

In the normal middle class family both husband and wife will go to job and return evening. In the rainy days it is usual to be hungry. Buying snacks outside is not only expensive and quality of those is the matter.

The idea is you can make those instantly at your home.

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The following ingredients you need.

  • Small poori (a packet you can buy at super market)
  • Boiled potatato
  • Chilly podwer
  • Dhania powder (Coriander powder)
  • Sev(namkin)
  • Salt
  • Small quantity garam masala
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Boiled potato with masala

Once boiled your potatoes, just smash them into small pieces. Later add all the in-gradients like chilly powder, salt, Garam masala powder, and salt as you wish.

Then, open top portion of your pooris, and stuff with the masala potato. Just sprinkle Coriander leaves, and Carrot if you have.

Also you can add onion pieces on top of each poori and apply small quantity of lemon. So now your masala pooris are ready.

By Srini

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