This is the Number one tip to Control Hair Fall

Hair fall

I am so lucky this morning that I got good idea from neighbours. Recently I am facing hair fall continuously due to heavy rains and moisture.

I have checked my dandruff, but it is in control. Still my hair falling from roots. I got shampoo name that is Tresemme. Really good shampoo. 

Top Five reasons I found to hair fall

  1. Lack of proteins
  2. Seasonal Hair fall
  3. During pregnancy
  4. Hormone Imbalance
  5. Stress

This shampoo is coming in many varieties. According to Tresemme –┬áTresemme Hair Fall Defense Shampoo helps reinforce your hair strength and prevents hair fall due to breakage. For longer and stronger hair.

Enriched with advanced quality ingredients, the formula is scientifically constituted to give you longer, stronger, & manageable hair with every wash. It works best on damaged and breakage-prone hair.

Yoga and Aasana are good medicine to control season hair fall

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