Malt Juice top benefits a morning tea

I have an habit that to take Tea after waking up and having my brush. This gives some instant energy to me to do my morning activities. Something like I will go for walking and running.

Again after 2 hours I will take one more tea. Due to this in a day my intake of Tea increasing. Taking more tea is causing me de-hydration, and have a feeling that dullness in my face.

I decided I want to increase my face glow. How?

I decided to increase my face looking should be active and energetic  then I got few tips from my neighbours.

Malt Juice
Malt Juice

The tips I got I am giving here for your reference

  • Avoid Tea in the mornings. So use Malt juice (Raagi Java)
  • Take malt juice without addition of Salt
  • Use green chilli as a combination to have the juice

The benefits of Malt Juice – It has lot of minerals and proteins. It also controls your sugar levels. So that you will get energy whole day. It also reduces cholesterol.

Steps to prepare Malt Juice

The below are the steps to prepare it….

No of persons: 01
Time to prepare: 5 Mins
  • Take steel bowl with one glass of water
  • Add 1 spoon Malt powder
  • Stir well before boiling it
  • Put the bowl on gas stove and allow it for 5 minutes, till all your malt powder melts

Your Malt juce is ready

Green chill
Green chill

How to take it

  • After cooling the malt juice to room temperature, have it with spoon
  • Use green chilli as a combination.

Good luck for your health and beauty.