Face Black Spots top ideas to remove

black spots

The black spots may come mostly for men and women on face, neck and other body of the skin.

The reasons are so many. In our research we found that these type of spots come at teenage boys and girls. Sometimes they come for middle age people also.

Before discussing tips with you, I am going to give some back ground on black spots.

You are going to office or College  or you are going to marry or you are a house-wife. These tips really good if you follow regularly you can cure completely.

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According to livestrong.com…

Day after day, your face gets exposed to sunlight and a slew of skin-damaging pollutants.

It’s no surprise that your facial skin often shows the first signs of skin problems. Dark spots, usually black or brown in color, can pop up on people of any skin type or complexion.

Several things can trigger these spots — hormonal changes, excessive sun exposure and genetics, to name a few.

Dark spots sometimes fade on their own, but others need a bit of prodding to disappear. Over-the-counter solutions may help, but if they aren’t effective, you might benefit from a prescription-strength treatment.

The number one point is if your skin is oily, you will have chances to get black spots. So use soaps that make your skin dry.

For example Old Cinthol soap is good for this kind of problem. Avoid all moisturising soaps, since they make your problem more complex.

Tips to avoid Black spots

Lemon Juice

  • Apply lemon juice both in the morning and evening and allow it for 10 minutes on the area where you have black spots.
  • And, do bath. This if you repeat for 1 month your problem will be solved.


  • Apply aloevera liquid where you have black spots and  allow to for 10 minutes and do the bath.
  • This if you repeated for 1 month your problem will be solved.

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