3 Tips for Busy People to Boost Immunity

immunity power

Immunity building is the number one step every software engineer to follow on daily basis. If you do not boost immunity, it may cause many other problems so that your work will be affected.

According to Times of India – you can say bye to those frequent bouts of flu and cold with these simple changes in your lifestyle

What you can do…

  1. Daily you must do minimum exercises at least 15 minutes. It can be any thing like walking, brisk-walking, Gym, jogging, home exercises with dumbbells, Tummy trimmers etc
  2. Take good sleep – minimum 7 to 8 hours sleep. You always need it. Especially who are working in shifts both men and women must follow this
  3. Take daily along with curd rice apply lemon over onion and take these. Use lemon wherever you need. You will get lot of benefits 

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