Are you doing Exercises? Do this instead

Static bicycling

Many men and women missing daily exercise with office timings, which are not so comfortable.

Since they need to start home early to reach office. Specially the static bicycling concept and equipment really suitable for software developers for both men and women who are working in IT industry.

The equipment also called static gym really good to improve your muscle power for both hands and legs.

Also for women who do not know how to bicycle outside, then this is a good bet. They can do static bicycling safely sitting in home, also they can build up muscles and strength.

We’ve all heard about the runner’s high. An indoor cycling class can provide that same rush of adrenaline and a release of happy mood-inducing neurotransmitters known as endorphins. Endorphins tend to create feelings of euphoria, lower stress levels, and enhance the body’s immune response.

You will get beautiful legs, since it is a low-risk activity and its cost also very less. You can burn your calories so easily.

According to Livestrong -Riding a stationary bicycle is not just a cardiovascular exercise — it’s also a resistance exercise, meaning you’ll be able to build muscle tone in your lower body, including your legs, butt and hip flexors.

It is a very good indoor exercise to burn your fat and you will look so young and beautiful.

If you’re not comfortable or agile enough to ride a moving bicycle around in traffic, the stationary bicycle offers you a chance to exercise your body in a safe environment.

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