Five awesome kitchen ideas to know

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This post is highly useful to be beautiful and at the same time healthy. Many times when I saw all Software developers take Tea daily 3 to 4 times. The important point is if they add Dry ginger Powder to their tea, they can avoid arthritis. This is a disease who keep working more hours on computer can get attacked.

The other awesome ideas:

  1. While preparing food you use pressure cooker. You usually pour water. Just add tamarind or Lemon peel. So that your bottom of the cooker is still white even after cooking food. So that you will save time to wash it again
  2. Before frying Aalu cut pieces, just dip these into salt water for 20 minutes. After that put in a pan to fry. The benefit is you will get crispy and you can fry quickly.
  3. Most of the time you useĀ cardamom for the purpose to prepare sweet or other items. Just peel off its seeds. TheĀ cardamom peel you can use to prepare tasty Tea.
  4. While preparing Pakoda, if you add small amount of Corn flour to Basin flour, you get crispy Pakoda
  5. While working on curries, when you feel that oil is more. Then, just add 1 tea spoon Basin flour, so that you can reduce oil in curry. Because basin flour absorbs oil.

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