Top Food Habits for Beautiful, Healthy Body

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Best food habits you need to know to be healthy and beautiful



  • Oils-Sunflower Refined Oil (No)
  • Coconut oil (Yes) 100%
  • Cow Ghee (Yes) 40% original
  • Olive Oil (Yes) 40%
  • Butter (Yes) 40% (Brands – Amul, Vijaya)
  • Cheese (Yes) 40%
  • Venna on curd


  • Salt- Kallu Uppu Only (Sea Salt)


  • Egg-Full Boiled Egg (White and Yellow) 1-6 a day – Naatu egg
  • Omelet ( Any Way)
  • Any Vegetables Curry Omelets


Chicken process:

  • Chicken(Nattu Kodi), Mutton, Prawns, Fish, Any Non Veg
  • 300g a day (Every Day) .Don’t use Tamarind.
  • Salt, Chili powder, Turmeric, Lemon, Ginger Garlic Paste for marinating. Homemade garam masala.
  • Deep fridge – 2 hrs.
  • Fry in above mentioned Oils.
  • No curd, color, corn flour, sauce, etc.

NOTE: No Rice and No Chapatti’s. No outside food

Mutton process:

  • Mutton Bones Soup.
  • 1kg mutton bones
  • 2 liters water and 12 whistles
  • Transfer to big vessel. Add 4 Liters.
  • Keep that in small stove and sim about 7 hours. Add vegetables you want. 45 mins.
  • Take out all the pulp and drink only soup.


Pillar 1:

First 10 days:

  • Pillar 1- Every day (First 10 days) of the program.
  • 70-100g Fat For Sure
  • Not Cheese.
  • Prefer soup with fat.

Next days of program:

  • 40-70g Fat for sure depends on individual
  • If got weak add more 10g.

Compulsorily a non-veg person have to take veg regularly.


  • Potatoe
  • Chama
  • Kanda
  • Pendalam
  • Chilakada
  • Beetroot
  • Raw Banana
  • Beans, Naatu Chikkudu, Bataani.


  • Tomato 1
  • Onion 1
  • Carrot 1


  • Except this 11 vegetables should take all other vegetables. Can also mix milk in curries.
  • Mulagaaku Leaf Should be taken regularly.


  • All vegetables except the exempted.
  • Add 1/2 liter water in cooker and place 7 whistles.
  • Remove pulp and drink soup. Add thalimpu, ginger garlic paste, etc.

NOTE: Take 100g paneer every day


  • No coconut water
  • Mudhuru kobbari, endu kobbari half chippa every day.
  • Milk – No
  • Coffee, Tea – No milk and sugar
  • Take decoction and cream.
  • Bullet proof coffee.
  • Green tea, white tea, No sugar
  • Can drink soda.
  • Ban all cool drinks and bad habits. Until this program complete.
  • Curd- No
  • But can drink Butter milk.
  • Like Lemon Butter milk, Butter milk.
  • 2 spoons in 1 liter water


  • Meegada on Milk
  • Add it in curry leaves curries.

Pillar 2:

  • Every individual should take 3 Lemons with Butter Milk (Avoid salt).
  • Avoid Salt in Butter Milk. For sure.
  • Take 2 Liters curd and add 3 Liters of water.
  • Add mirchi, ginger, garlic etc. and keep it in fridge
  • Take only the top layer of it. Should not take the curd below.

Pillar 3:

  • Should take 4 Liters water either directly or water majjiga.

Pillar 4:

  • 1 Multi Vitamin Tablet. For sure.
  • Take in Generic Shop.


  • Badam-10
  • Pista – 10 (Salted, Normal)
  • Wallnut/Ocrut – 15 (Spondilities relief) Soak overnight in water.
  • Gummadi Ginjali
  • Poddu thirigudu ginjalu
  • Water melon seeds
  • Each 5-6 spoons
  • Tella Nuvvulu
  • Avisa Ginjalu
  • 1/4 kg each and fry in ghee and make powder
  • Take that powder 3-5 spoons a day.

How to Eat:

  • Eat as you wish when you feel hungry. Should not eat for every hour or two.
  • Eat when you feel you are really hungry.
  • No timings. When body asks you to eat.
  • Eat only until you hunger feels satisfied not full stomach.
  • Eat again when you feel hungry. Don’t eat for satisfying desire.

Not to take this food: – (Up to Completion of program)

  • Rice and related items
  • Dhanyalu like jonnalu, raagulu, soojjalu, etc all types of ginjaalu should be banned. No minappapu, chenagapappu in thaalimpu.
  • No sweets and consolidates.
  • No fruits and fruit juices

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