5 Ideas: How to use Cornflour in beauty


To understand the real benefits of Cornflour especially women and Software developers must read this article. Cornflour is like all rounder from health to beauty you can use it without any side effects.

What Are the Health Benefits of Cornstarch?
Cornflour maize

What is cornflour

Cornflour, or cornstarch as it’s known of in the States, is the finely powdered white starch extracted from maize kernels, which are soaked and ground to separate the germ from the bran. 

It is virtually tasteless and is used as a thickening agent. 

It cuts down the need for fat as, unlike other flours, it blends to a smooth cream with liquid.

Where the Cornflour is famous

  • In the Southwestern United States, corn flour is known as “masa,” or “dough” in Spanish. Masa is made from corn that has been soaked in lime water overnight, dried and then ground. This flour is useful for making corn tortillas, tamales, empanadas and other items in Latin cooking.
  • Masa is readily available in the baking aisle of your grocery store; however, you can make your own masa at home if you have the correct ingredients and a little patience.

Nutrition Facts in 1 cup (172 gr of powder)

Cornflour facts

Five uses of cornflour

  1. To use cornflour as thickening powder. Like you can use it in Stew and in Sambar
  2.  It may help boost calories for those who need it, act as a source of energy and prevent low blood sugar in people with nocturnal hypoglycemia.
  3. You can use in Bleach pack to avoid block spots
  4. Really good to use in food, curries, and Stew like curries – Since it has all required amino acids.
  5. Extensively the Cornflour you can use in all your beauty items – Watch the below video for more tips

Beauty tips using Cornflour

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