Blood Pressure: Add these items to your Diet

BP is also called blood pressure. Software developers prone to BP due to non-stop work and night shifts. Also, due to tough targets or delivery dates.

Blood Pressure

You may think that many times…what kind of Job it is..

The reason is more work pressure. You can loose your focus and concentration, if you work most of the time under pressure.

Water Melon

Water Melon

Eat water melon pieces both in the morning breakfast and evening as snacks. It reduces your blood pressure and stress.


Garlic tips

Use garlic slice in your food to control blood pressure. Some people feel hard taking raw garlic, but you can fry garlic in ghee, and the same you can eat with rice or roti. Excellent and in-expensive way you can control your BP.

Green Tea

Green tea tips

Take green tea daily two times. You can take with hot water and dip green tea bag inside of it. Add honey for Taste. So, use green tea to control your stress or BP.

Beetroot Juice

Beet root tips

Take half-glass of beet root juice to control stress or your blood pressure. Add lemon a little amount to get right taste for you.

Oh….you got now good tips.


Boiled potato

Boiled potato without adding Salt and Chilli powder. Just eat boiled potato, so that your blood pressure or Stress will be under control.

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