Hot water tub soak feet to lower blood pressure

Blood pressure is common symptom across the people when they reach certain age. Daily stretching and warming exercises will reduce your blood pressure problems. When you feel you have some feeling or became stressed, then, the home technique with hot water really useful for you.

Control Blood Pressure

Hot Water Tub Method

  • Relax…Relax…Relax…this is only first tip to control BP
  • You can lower your blood pressure effectively, if you have tub in your home.
  • After returning from work, take hot water and pour into a tub. Then put your feet into tub and keep it for 10 minutes. You will get complete relax and your Blood pressure will be reduced

Control BP

Advantages of less BP

  1. You will feel cool and calm
  2. You can focus more on your work
  3. Water tub method gives you quick relief

Video to Lower Blood Pressure with Water Tub