6 Super Habits to Relax

Rules to relax

Your health and your beauty depends on your relax mind. That means you should be so positive and relaxed manner. The point is you need to know these rules to be positive.

  1. You should have breakfast on all days
  2. Try read news paper at least 15 minutes and try to remember 2 or 3 names
  3. Listen mind power soothing music
  4. Take daily 2 cups of Green Tea
  5. Try solve mind power puzzles
  6. Eat regularly Beetroot and Phalak curry

You can also try these memory exercises

  • Calculate number -adding and subtracting without using calculator and smart phones

You can try these foods

  • Eat Almonds and Kismiss daily

Reading tips

  • Read at least a half an hour daily


  • Fill crossword puzzles daily


  • Daily do 10 minutes breathing exercises like walking , Cycling and swimming

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