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How to get rid of your Common Health problems

Lemon and Honey both together help you avoid many of common problems

Many people who are working in Software development, have these common problems. These problems create an inconvenience to them.

So, I have selected this subject.

  1. Heavy Weight
  2. Stress and Tension
  3. Common Cold and, Cough

#1 Heavy weight

Weight loss

Heavy weight is a major problem. The best idea is take those after having your brush in the morning.

  • You need to take combination of lemon juice and Honey daily to reduce your weight.

#2 Stress


Stress is another major problem facing by all software developers. To avoid these problems like stress and tension. You need to follow this idea.

  • Use ginger and Honey combination to control your BP, Stress and Tension.

#3 Cold and Cough

Special tea

Common Cold and Cough is another problem. Many people struggling to get out of it. Use combination of these.

The combination also called “Kashayam”.

  • Honey 2 spoons
  • Ginger
  • Black pepper powder
  • Mix in water to get Kashayam

Drink the above combination daily with water to avoid all your problems.

So that you will look so beautiful in 3 or 4 months.

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By Srini

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