6 top ideas you need to avoid grey hair when you are at 20s

Getting grey hair is natural phenomena. It is very common when you are at 50. You feel bad when you get grey hair starts at 20. But you can avoid by following these tips.I

Ideas to avoid grey hair

  1. First thing is avoid smoking….
  2. Reduce your stress. When you take more stress, that much faster, you will get grey hair
  3. Nutritional deficiency…at all cost take good food with proteins, minerals and vitamins
  4. Copper deficiency is one of the major cause. So take daily..Beet root, Phalak, Nuts and fruits
  5. Amla paste….use amla paste to your hair before your head bath. Allow 20 minutes and have your head bath
  6. Mix lemon juice with coconut oil. Use this mix before your head bath. Allow, 20 minutes, and do head bath