Control your body sugar levels today with these popular kitchen items

ideas to control sugar levels

Highly useful post that you will surely control diabetes with kitchen items. Controlling Sugar levels in the body is very much needed. Else, this is long term process and continuously you need to take medicines.

Top food items really good to keep diabetes under control.

Green leaves

Take Phalak, Fish curry, Nuts, Avocado, green leaves in your food. These foods have lot of Magnesium, which controls your sugar levels.

Fenugreek Powder (Methi Powder)  

Daily 5 grams of Methi powder is good to control sugar levels. Also, you can take Methi butter milk, Methi Dall regularly.  


Do regular exercise to control fat on your stomach. More fat causes imbalance of sugar levels. Muscle building exercises really good to control sugar levels.  

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