The Essential guide to Fruit juices you need in Pregnancy

These four juices really good to take during pregnancy time. The Apple, Guava, Grape and Beetroot juice.

There is a question Orange juice is good or bad during pregnancy time. According to a small quantity is good for both baby and mother’s health.

Top juices list you can find below. Most popular among pregnant women. Apple, Beetroot, Guva, and Grape juices are in the list of the best juices.

Apple juice

Take daily one glass of apple juice. which is enough to get all required strength, vitamins and minerals. Take two apples and remove top skin and cut these into small pieces.

  • Boil these pieces and make into paste using your mixer
  • Add little amount of lemon juice for taste
  • Keep it in Fridge for 1 hour. Then, serve chill
Apple juice
Apple juice

Guava juice

This juice is good for constipation. Take two numbers of Guava and boil in water for sometime. After boil cool these fruits to room temperature.

  • Use your mixer and grind these Guava into paste and with water it becomes liquid.
  • Add lemon juice to your taste
  • Use ice cubes and serve chill
Guava juice

Grape juice

Take black colour grapes wash in water. Use your mixer to make grapes as juice. Keep juice in fridge.

  • Whenever you need to serve add lemon juice and serve it.
Grape juice

Beetroot juice

Instead of making juice only with beetroot, you can try this way

  • Take 4 carrots, 2 beetroot, and 1 apple
  • After wash in water, cut all these into pieces
  • Use your mixer and prepare juice
  • Drink immediately
Beetroot juice

Typical benefits of juices

  • Vegetable juice and Cucumber juices are good, they control sugar levels
  • Instead taking more juice, take plenty of water
  • Bottled juice is not that much good compared to fresh juice

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