Stress: 10 Top Foods You Need

You want 100 years of life. Then you need these foods. Else, your lifespan will decrease quickly with Tension.

Tension means

With stress, people cannot focus on their work. So that they will not get the desired results.

Impact of Tension

Stress/Tension both are the same. If you take it easy, you can come out of it quickly. Usually, Stress dominates your mind. And lessens interest in any work. So. you had better control of it at an early stage. Else, it impacts your health. Here are my tips to beat stress.

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10 Foods

The listed foods you can find in any shop. Not so expensive.

  1. Use Palak regularly.
  2. Take carrot-juice daily.
  3. Eat Sprouts daily. Since they are rich in calcium.
  4. Do meditation daily.
  5. Try going outs on weekends. Especially on Saturdays/Sundays
  6. Do a bath with hot water.
  7. Take more curd in the afternoon.
  8. Eat 1 apple daily.
  9. Avoid Junk foods at any cost.
  10. Body/head massage.

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