5 Top Foods for Strong Teeth

strong teeth

Some foods are useful to keep your teeth and bones healthy. These are proven food items to eat daily. These items are super best for strong Teeth and bones.

Top Foods You Need for Good Dental Health

Oral health comes as the first step in your overall health. When your teeth are stronger that indicates your bones are strong. This keeps your health in a good state.

Good state means-it avoids common diseases and makes you active in your day to day activities.


Apple for strong teeth

  • The specialty is it contains water and fiber.
  • Some people say Apple is the best fruit for healthy teeth.
  • Chewing of apple pieces removes the food particles stored between teeth.
  • Produces more Saliva during the eating of Apple.
  • So Apple is the best food for teeth and gums.



  • The rich calcium saves enamel on top of teeth.
  • Your teeth become much stronger.


Drink more

  • Drink more water. It keeps your teeth fresh.

Green Leaves


  • Rich calcium makes your teeth stronger.


Almond for rich

  • Rich calcium makes stronger teeth.
  • Forms a lot of Saliva in the mouth. That keeps fresh of your teeth and mouth.

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