5 Red Cabbage Key Benefits for Skin

red cabbage for health

Red cabbage, available very much in the winter season. The highest producer of Red cabbage is the UK.

It contains a lot of useful minerals and antioxidants that make you healthy and stronger.

Red cabbage top health benefits for Software engineers

Red Cabbage History

You can find imported Red cabbage in your Super Markets all over the year.

I chose this topic is to explain eating this vegetable makes your heart stronger since it has a lot of anti-inflammatory qualities.

Those working in offices, most of the time working by sitting in chair, House wives with less physical activity, they can eat this Red cabbage

How to Eat Red Cabbage

You can eat Red Cabbage in both Raw-form or on the Cooked form. You can find Vital calories in red cabbage.

According to BBCGoodFood.com, Red cabbage contains just 21 calories per 100g, being 90% water. It has a little protein at 1g per 100g, negligible fat and around 4g per 100g of carbohydrates, from naturally occurring sugars. Red cabbage is also quite a good source of fibre at 3g per 100g.

Vinegar plays a vital role to keep cabbage color as red else the Cabbage turns to blue.

What to see while buying Red Cabbage in Super Markets

  • Always buy in Raw form. In the supermarket, you can find many imported Red Cabbage varieties.
  • The real problem with this is they add many preservatives. So eating those not good for people like you and me. Because I am also working in the Software industry.

5 Top Health Benefits for Skin and Body

  1. It improves your immunity power. It contains rich of Vitamin C
  2. Fights against Cancer. It has a rich source of Antioxidants.
  3. Low in Calories and High in dietary fiber help you lose weight.
  4. Good for bones since it has a rich source of minerals.
  5. Due to a lot of antioxidants, it works as an anti-aging vegetable. So you look younger.

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