3 Top Books to Get Better Pay

digital skills books

In the present IT job scenario, you cannot survive only with the Skills you have. For example, Mainframe skills, they are now not paying hefty pay packages. The Digital Skills now give better package compared to legacy skills like COBOL, PL/I, JCL, etc.

Switching Career From Legacy to Digital

I have identified three areas where you need to update or learn new skills. Those are AWS, Python and Machine Learning.

1.Python Programming Nice to Read Book Today

python book

This book is written in a way simple to understand the concepts. Nice book to read today. For mainframe programmers, it is easy to learn Python. Click to read

2. AWS in Action a Useful Book to Practice Using Your Laptop

aws in action

You can create your own Cloud Computing Techniques using the free account of AWS. Click to read

3. A Machine Learning Book to Create Simple Algorithms Useful to Read Today

machine learning

A good book for beginners. You can create your own algorithms using this book. Click to read.

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