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How to Burn Aroma Oil to Smell Relaxed

Electric burner for aroma oils good quality ceramic for use of aroma essential oils explained how to use it.

In the present day stressful life, both women and men are not able to sleep properly. Sound sleep makes your body stronger and it gives full energy to do day-to-day activities.

How to Select Aroma oil Burner


  • Material: Ceramic
  • Package Contents: Pure Source India Ceramic Aroma Diffuser,10 ML Rose Aroma Oil
  • Natural Electric Aroma burner, sometimes in the night you just use it like night lamp with 0 wt bulb and see an amazing reflection.
  • 40 WT normal bulb to be used, which is available everywhere in your nearest shop
  • The best for Air Freshener and home decor.
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How to Use Aroma Oil Burner

  1. Add on top of plate 10 ml pure essential aroma oil
  2. Switch on the electric bulb
  3. Due to bulb heat, it slowly evaporates and gives good smell.
  4. With the smell, you will get good sleep.
  5. You can use this burner during the evening and night times.

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