How to Keep Your Brain Active

With age, your brain performance will go slow. Will you agree? Yes, it is true. To keep active your mind even you are sitting without work, the below ideas perfectly fit for you. Here you read 7 ways to keep your brain Sharp.

5 Technics You Need

1. Physical Exercise

Do daily warmup exercises for 10 to 15 minutes. Expose yourself to sunlight that heals all your health problems and it keeps your mind active.

2. Vitamin B12

Vitamin B12 has great benefits to keep your brain healthy and active. Once you cross the 40, take one B12 Tablet daily.

3. Relaxing Music

Soothing or relaxing music perfectly help your brain or mind to keep active. Listen daily 10 to 30 minutes relaxing music either from Youtube/your own purchased music.

This keeps your Blood pressure under control and keeps your mind so active.

4. Apples

To relax yourself take Apple especially in the evenings. In your busy schedule, you may forget to take fruits, but Apple is the best fruit to take for keeping your mind active.

5. Read Daily Any Magazine or News Paper

Reading habits is one of the best habits to keep your mind sharp. It also improves memory. Daily You can read the newspaper.

Any other books will do good for you. Those are learning a new language, investment books, Comedy Books, and Novels. This habit surely keeps your mind active.

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