5 Top Foods to Control BP Quickly

Given top foods you need to control BP quickly. Useful if you take regularly that avoids BP and keep you calm without stress and tensions.

I always think that I need to share some useful content to our readers. In this post, I am sharing useful food to control Blood Pressure.

  1. Banana

In the curing of stress and BP, the Banana is an excellent food. Take daily two Bananas if you are not Diabetic.

2. Hot Water Bath

Take a hot water bath both in the morning and evening. This gives a lot of relief to you and it controls your blood pressure.

3. Drink Milk with Almonds

In the evening soak almonds in water. After brush in the morning, smash the soaked Almonds, and mix with milk and drink. This is a good drink to control BP.

4. Honey

Do not forget to take Honey. Daily 2 to 3 spoons of Honey control your stress levels and BP as well.

5. Butter Milk

Take Butter Milk daily that keeps your BP under control. Instead of taking too much Tea/Coffee better take buttermilk.

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