Merchant Initiated Credential on File Transactions List

I have shared the best examples of Card on file transactions. Usually, Merchants will initiate these transactions.

List of Transactions.

InstallmentsDeferred payment. Always referring to an INDIVIDUAL purchase, the amount of the several transactions is fixed, and with a definite time interval.

Note: The amount is fixed
RecurringRecurring payment. The number of transactions can be fixed or variable, and with a defined time interval.

Note: Amount can be Fixed or Variable
ReauthorizationReauthorizationNormally before partial shipments. Also, when the client extends the stay in the hotel/rental of the vehicle or when, having an estimated authorization, the final amount is requested (“settlement”).

Note: Reauthorization
ResubmissionOriginal denied because of “balance”; only for certain sectors of activity (for more details check the regulations of the brands) and with a maximum number of days from the purchase. Relevant example:” Transport”.

Notes: After the first transaction failed. Resubmission.
DelayedThose that happen after the transaction for services rendered/used unknown at the beginning. (Minibar, vehicle damage, fines ….)

Note: Charges known at a later time.
IncrementalWhen additional services are incurred during the contract period.

Notes: Add on amount
No ShowWhen the merchant charges services to which the owner committed, but then failed to comply with the agreed terms. Relevant example: unattended reservations at hotels without cancellation.

Note: First reserved, but not used.
Merchant Initiated Credential on File Transactions List

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