Top idea on making Bread Dosa quickly

Instant Dosa with bread slices is tasty and healthy. You can prepare this bread Dosa quickly. I have includes ingredients and method to prepare.

5 Key Benefits of Red Cabbage

Red cabbage, available very much in the winter season. The highest producer of Red cabbage is the UK. It contains a lot of useful minerals and antioxidants that make you healthy and stronger. Red Cabbage History You can find imported Red cabbage in your Super Markets all over the year. I chose this topic isContinue reading “5 Key Benefits of Red Cabbage”

5 Super Tips to avoid Day Sickness

Dieticians recommend healthy food. That not only bring health also bring happiness. You can feel happy from morning to evening when your food has good nutrients. These ideas useful for Software developers because they are busy with work and on-site calls, and they feel tired quickly. Taking these foods on daily basis improve your health.Continue reading “5 Super Tips to avoid Day Sickness”