3 real ideas to get strong gums for beautiful look

Strong gums are a sign that you look so beautiful. Your white teeth, strong bones help you to attract opposite sex. A male can easily attract women. women can attract male easily.

When your gums are not strong, you will face variety of problems:

  • Gums bleeding
  • Swelling of gums
  • Cavities in teeth

Home remedies for strong gums

Very natural way you can get strong gums…

Common salt

  • Do gargling with salt water daily 2 times. This avoids almost all of your gum problems. Especially, women facing many gum related problems. So, common salt is one of the natural medicine cures all your problems quickly

Oil pulling

  • Use coconut oil or gingelly oil. Pour 2 spoons of oil into your mouth daily in the morning after your brush
  • Rinse till you get soap like bubbles
  • Spit out all the oil bubbles, and wash your mouth with hot water

Green Tea

  • Add green tea to hot water
  • Rinse your mouth with green tea water for 10 minutes
  • Avoids all loose gums. Also makes your gums so stronger

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Real aroma essential oils to get best mood and relax quickly

The popular aroma oils are essential oils. That means these oils prepare from plants, flowers, roots and stems.

I have given top essential oils and their benefits for your use. You can control BP, stress and you will get good mood with these oils.

6 top ideas you need to avoid grey hair when you are at 20s

Getting grey hair is natural phenomena. It is very common when you are at 50. You feel bad when you get grey hair starts at 20. But you can avoid by following these tips.I

Ideas to avoid grey hair

  1. First thing is avoid smoking….
  2. Reduce your stress. When you take more stress, that much faster, you will get grey hair
  3. Nutritional deficiency…at all cost take good food with proteins, minerals and vitamins
  4. Copper deficiency is one of the major cause. So take daily..Beet root, Phalak, Nuts and fruits
  5. Amla paste….use amla paste to your hair before your head bath. Allow 20 minutes and have your head bath
  6. Mix lemon juice with coconut oil. Use this mix before your head bath. Allow, 20 minutes, and do head bath


Power of Lemon and Honey solves your three common problems

Many people who are working in Software development, have these common problems. These problems create an inconvenience to them.

So, I have selected this subject.

  1. Heavy Weight
  2. Stress and Tension
  3. Common Cold and, Cough

Heavy weight

Weight loss

Heavy weight is a major problem. The best idea is take those after having your brush in the morning.

  • You need to take combination of lemon juice and Honey daily to reduce your weight.



Stress is another major problem facing by all software developers. To avoid these problems like stress and tension. You need to follow this idea.

  • Use ginger and Honey combination to control your BP, Stress and Tension.

Cold and Cough

Special tea

Common Cold and Cough is another problem. Many people struggling to get out of it. Use combination of these.

The combination also called “Kashayam”.

  • Honey 2 spoons
  • Ginger
  • Black pepper powder
  • Mix in water to get Kashayam

Drink the above combination daily with water to avoid all your problems.

So that you will look so beautiful in 3 or 4 months.

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Clear your dandruff natural way (weekly tip:1)

Many shampoos, creams and Oils available in the market to clear your dandruff. The tips giving here are complete natural and no side effects.

Dandruff tips for week 1

Awesome dandruff tips

You can reduce your dandruff with Tea tree essential oil. Let us see how you can reduce it.

  • Take 5 or 6 drops of Tea tree oil
  • Take your regular shampoo. A small amount to a bowl
  • Mix tea tree oil with your shampoo
  • Dilute as required
  • Apply to your hair

Continue the above tips for 5 to 6 weeks. Your dandruff problem will be solved natural way.

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15 top food habits that boost your memory natural way

Your food is your memory. If you take right food your memory will increase a lot. Just follow these ideas your memory will improve drastically.

Foods for memory

  1. Eat daily 10 to 15 almonds in the mornings
  2. Take at least one fruit juice daily and that improves your memory
  3. Reduce your stress levels as much as possible
  4. Eat green leaves and vegetables with less spicy in your food
  5. Drink 2 to 3 litres of water daily. This avoids dehydration and your memory will be safe
  6. Eat red colour fruits like Grapes, Strawberry, Apple. That boosts your memory
  7. Eat curd regularly in your food that gives pro-biotic fibre, which improves your memory
  8. Enjoy with your close friends at least few minutes in a day
  9. Vitamin-D improves your memory, so walk at least 10 to 15 minutes in Sun light especially in the morning and evenings. You can cover this with your daily jogging or walking
  10. Good sleep really you need. Sleep daily 6 to 8 hours that improves your memory
  11. Reduce your heavy weight. Your heavy weight causes memory loss
  12. Learn new things like learning new languages, new musical items, and  reading of new books that surely boost your memory
  13. Play and solve brain teasers, if require buy some books to solve these teasers
  14. Listen mind power music that improves your memory and concentration drastically
  15.  Eat less sugar in your food. Excess sugar causes you less memory. So avoid excess sweets and sugar in your diet

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