2 top ideas to relieve back pain useful for Software engineers

Software developers main job is writing code, testing and deploy to production. Spending hours of time in the office before your laptop cause back pain. Laziness and smoking habit are the main reasons to get pain in your back. These are our analysis found from our observations while dealing with developers working in Software companies.

Lower or upper back pain are the main problems the software engineers face when do not follow correct health tips.

Reasons for Back pain

1. No Physical Movement

People who eat junk food are prone to back pain. Physical moments vibrate digestion system. Else it causes fat in your belly.

Laziness instills heavyweight in you. In advanced countries, people use the home gym to burn calories.

Weight Gain
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2. Smoking

Heavy smoking stops blood circulation in your body tissues. It reduces Calcium intake in your body. Weaker bones invite back pain. Nicotine avoids blood circulation to all your parts.

Smoking is not for relaxation. It causes numerous health issues. Out of these back pain is one problem.

Heavy smoking
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Additional Ideas

  • Stop Smoking else it eats away your body parts
  • Weekly 3 times exercises make your body stronger and pain-free

9 Quick Remedies to Relieve Stress Useful to live Happily

Stress is a big problem for many people. Control your stress level to the bottom. Else it will take control. Many stress relieving activities you can find recommendations of psychology gurus. I am sharing here stress relieving Techniques to your practice.

What is Stress

Stress is one kind of mental tension and when it has more you cannot focus more on your work. So that it impacts your daily life. Sometimes you may feel hard. When you are not followed some good stress relieving remedies, it will take control

Techniques to control Stress

1# Food

Junk foods causes stress in you. The junk foods are Noodels, Fried rice, Bajji and other foods that are sold at outside small shops. You can go for fruits, vegetable salads and light foods like Vermicelli Upma. These kind of foods will not raise your stress levels.

2# Morning Walking

Employees especially working in Software they face a lot of Stress. The real reason is they do not have physical exercise. Both Men and Women are prone to the stress. Have 1 or 2 kilometers walk everyday. You can also do Steps exercise, by going UP and Down floors.

3# Visiting Religious Places

You can visit religious places as many times as possible in a week. Morning Prayers and lighting the Agar Bathhis also relieve your stress quickly.

4# Yoga and Meditation

Yoga also called Dhyana (Meditation) good for stress relieving. When you practice yoga your mind will be relaxed and come to normal position. Also you can preach a mantra for 108 times, so that your mind will be cool and you can focus more on your work.

5# Aroma Oils

Good room fresheners and Aroma oils relive stress quickly.

6# Talking to Friends

One more quick stress reliever is if you feel stress just meet your friends talk openly and share your feelings.

7# Reading Positive Energy Books

Reading books again a good habit. If you are book lover you can read books from famous Authors like Robin Sharma, Tony Robbins and Brain Tracy.

8# Mind Power Music

Music also a good stress reliever. The soothing music with some back-ground noise like birds, sounds of forest really a good music to listen. You will be relaxed as much as possible

9# Singing and Dancing

Singing and Dancing is the best stress relieving method. Go for music classes and learn some instruments like Guitar and Piano a good to start. You can play these instruments when you feel stressed.

Dry hair problem awesome tips you need to avoid in 4 weeks

Dry hair problem
Dry hair problem

Dryness in hair is a major concern to all women and it causes hair loss. Dryness causes hair fall. There are various reasons to get dry hair. Those are climatic conditions, pollution, and lack of good diet.

According to BBC Health, not only food, there are like Age and health factors cause to get dryness in hair.

Perfect hair you will get, just by following some good food suggestions by experts. Also, due to external climatic conditions, a major impact on your hair.

Hair dryness Tips

  • Good vitamin food
  • Protect your hair from pollution
  • Take medicines, correctly, if you have health problems

According to research by venta-usa, pollution is a major cause to get affected your health condition:

Because hair is often unprotected, it’s very susceptible to air pollution damage. Soot, dirt, dust and gases can cause scalp irritation, dryness, breakage and even premature baldness. If you follow most beauty and style advice, you put a considerable amount of product in your hair.

Between serums, sprays and lotions, hair care experts are inadvertently making your hair more susceptible to attracting and collecting air pollution.

And while some people can go completely product-free, for others it’s not necessarily possible if you want to achieve a particular style. It’s important that you’re choosing the right products.

Our suggest to hair dryness

  1. Take 2 pieces of garlic and same amount of cabbage. Make these mix into tiny pieces
  2. Keep this mix in copper pot whole night
  3. Add 10 drops of Brahmi amla
  4. After mixing thoroughly, apply to hair
  5. Wait for 10 minutes
  6. Wash your hair with Baby shampoo

Just, continue above tips for 4 weeks, weekly twice. You will see much better improvement in your hair.

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4 really need juices useful for women during pregnancy time

These four juices really good to take during pregnancy time. The Apple, Guava, Grape and Beetroot juice.

There is a question Orange juice is good or bad during pregnancy time. According to babyprepping.com a small quantity is good for both baby and mother’s health.

Top juices list you can find below. Most popular among pregnant women. Apple, Beetroot, Guva, and Grape juices are in the list of the best juices.

Apple juice

Take daily one glass of apple juice. which is enough to get all required strength, vitamins and minerals. Take two apples and remove top skin and cut these into small pieces.

  • Boil these pieces and make into paste using your mixer
  • Add little amount of lemon juice for taste
  • Keep it in Fridge for 1 hour. Then, serve chill
Apple juice
Apple juice

Guava juice

This juice is good for constipation. Take two numbers of Guava and boil in water for sometime. After boil cool these fruits to room temperature.

  • Use your mixer and grind these Guava into paste and with water it becomes liquid.
  • Add lemon juice to your taste
  • Use ice cubes and serve chill
Guava juice

Grape juice

Take black colour grapes wash in water. Use your mixer to make grapes as juice. Keep juice in fridge.

  • Whenever you need to serve add lemon juice and serve it.
Grape juice

Beetroot juice

Instead of making juice only with beetroot, you can try this way

  • Take 4 carrots, 2 beetroot, and 1 apple
  • After wash in water, cut all these into pieces
  • Use your mixer and prepare juice
  • Drink immediately
Beetroot juice

Typical benefits of juices

  • Vegetable juice and Cucumber juices are good, they control sugar levels
  • Instead taking more juice, take plenty of water
  • Bottled juice is not that much good compared to fresh juice

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Control your body sugar levels today with these popular kitchen items

Highly useful post that you will surely control diabetes with kitchen items.

Controlling Sugar levels in the body is very much needed. Else, this is long term process and continuously you need to take medicines.

Top food items really good to keep diabetes under control.
Green leaves

Take Phalak, Fish curry, Nuts, Avocado, green leaves in your food. These foods have lot of Magnesium, which controls your sugar levels.

Fenugreek Powder (Methi Powder)
Daily 5 grams of Methi powder is good to control sugar levels. Also, you can take Methi butter milk, Methi Dall regularly.
Do regular exercise to control fat on your stomach. More fat causes imbalance of sugar levels. Muscle building exercises really good to control sugar levels.
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8 awesome benefits to your body with Bitter gourd to read now

Bitter gourd is a great vegetable. For Diabetics, it gives a lot of health benefits. Curry with this vegetable liked by many people. Digestion system improves with bitter gourd if you take daily.

Image result for bitter gourd
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One of the cheapest vegetable among all. You can eat bitter gourd either by making curry or as Juice.

Real bitter gourd benefits

  • Useful to avoid gas related problems
  • Drink bitter gourd juice to reduce or control diabetic problems
  • Highly useful to cure Jaundice related problems
  • Helps to perform effective digestion
  • Reduce metabolism disorders. So that you can control your heavy weight
  • Acts as antibiotic. You can apply bitter gourd juice over wounds to cure quickly
  • Acts as good reliever from common cold and cough
  • An excellent anti inflammatory food. Regular taking of bitter gourd curries sends out toxins from your body

According to benefitsuses.com, bittergourd has many other benefits

Bitter help in maintaining blood sugar levels and are highly recommended for the type 2 diabetes patients. This is one of the most amazing Bitter gourd benefits.

It is anti-inflammatory and also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body. This is one of the many advantages of bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd benefits for skin are plenty! It is helpful for glowing skin and lustrous hair as well as protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.

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