Control your body sugar levels today with these popular kitchen items

Highly useful post that you will surely control diabetes with kitchen items.

Controlling Sugar levels in the body is very much needed. Else, this is long term process and continuously you need to take medicines.

Top food items really good to keep diabetes under control.
Green leaves

Take Phalak, Fish curry, Nuts, Avocado, green leaves in your food. These foods have lot of Magnesium, which controls your sugar levels.

Fenugreek Powder (Methi Powder)
Daily 5 grams of Methi powder is good to control sugar levels. Also, you can take Methi butter milk, Methi Dall regularly.
Do regular exercise to control fat on your stomach. More fat causes imbalance of sugar levels. Muscle building exercises really good to control sugar levels.
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8 awesome benefits to your body with Bitter gourd to read now

Bitter gourd is a great vegetable. For Diabetics, it gives a lot of health benefits. Curry with this vegetable liked by many people. Digestion system improves with bitter gourd if you take daily.

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One of the cheapest vegetable among all. You can eat bitter gourd either by making curry or as Juice.

Real bitter gourd benefits

  • Useful to avoid gas related problems
  • Drink bitter gourd juice to reduce or control diabetic problems
  • Highly useful to cure Jaundice related problems
  • Helps to perform effective digestion
  • Reduce metabolism disorders. So that you can control your heavy weight
  • Acts as antibiotic. You can apply bitter gourd juice over wounds to cure quickly
  • Acts as good reliever from common cold and cough
  • An excellent anti inflammatory food. Regular taking of bitter gourd curries sends out toxins from your body

According to, bittergourd has many other benefits

Bitter help in maintaining blood sugar levels and are highly recommended for the type 2 diabetes patients. This is one of the most amazing Bitter gourd benefits.

It is anti-inflammatory and also helps in lowering the bad cholesterol levels in the body. This is one of the many advantages of bitter gourd.

Bitter gourd benefits for skin are plenty! It is helpful for glowing skin and lustrous hair as well as protects the skin from the harmful UV rays.

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2 top ideas you can do daily morning to avoid anemia at early stage

I am giving here two best ideas. You can follow these daily in the morning. So that you can avoid anemia quickly. The problem is less iron in Hemoglobin.

Ideas to avoid Anemia

  1. Take 1/4 spoon amla powder with honey after your brush in the morning
  2. Eat apples daily
  3. Eat more green leaves in your food
  4. Do sun bath both in the morning and evening

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3 top foods you really need for quick digestion

Common diseases you can cure with these simple items. The powder which we call as Thriphala churnam.

  1. Black pepper
  2. Dry Ginger (Sonti)
  3. Pippallu


  • You can cure skin diseases
  • Amibias
  • Digestion problems
  • Common cold
  • Common cough

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4 daily foods never miss to keep your BP within normal

Continuously I am posting many tips and ideas and food habits that you need to follow to keep your BP as normal.


  • This is one of the best fruit that can take by BP patients regularly when you are not diabetic. Daily 1 or 2 banana keep your BP in the limits.


  • Orange and Mosambi juice are good for BP patients.

Coconut water

  • Take coconut water instead of Tea or Coffee. The minerals in coconut water keep your BP as normal level.


  • Take honey 1 teaspoonful both in the morning and evening to control your BP.

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How to make quick muskmelon summer juice learn now

Muskmelon juice
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Summer special juice you can prepare with muskmelon and you can avoid dehydration quickly.


  • Muskmelon
  • Jaggery
  • Water
  • cardamom
  • Pepper powder


-Make musk melon into small pieces. Grind well in juice jar. Add jaggery powder as required.

-Add water and once again grind well

-Add pepper powder and cardamom powder as required

-Your juice is ready

-This is famous juice in Karnataka


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