Brain Teaser week 3

Brain power puzzles make your brain stronger. This is 3 puzzle. You can try this and get answers.

brain power 3

Brain Teaser week: 3 Question

Q). This question is based on arithmetic not on logic. If 4 hens lay 4 eggs in 4 days, how many eggs 2 hens lay in 2 days?


How to understand this question:

  • 4 hens lay 4 eggs in 4 days
  • 1 hen can lay 1 egg in 4 days
  • In 2 days, 1 hen can lay 1/2 egg
  • Then, in 2 days, 1 hen can lay 1/2 egg
  • Therefore 2 hens can lay in 2 days 2×1/2= 1 egg (Ans).

Note: This is not logic question. Purely arithmetic question.


Foods for brain power: you can try daily use foods in your home.

  1. Tamotos
  2. Egg
  3. Nuts

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Brain Teasers for Week-2

In an aquarium filled with water, a block of ice block floats, with a bar of gold frozen in it. We mark the current water level. When the ice has molten completely and the bar of gold has sunk to the bottom of the aquarium, will the water level be higher, lower, or still the same?

According Archimedes rule, the ice already occupied some volume of water. When ice melts, the water level will be same when,  the ice water occupies volume. Since the density of gold is less than water. So, even it sunk, it will not have any effect.

Brain Teaser Solved Week 1

USA Proverbs Try yourself solve these Teasers

  1. A friend in ______ is a friend indeed.
  2. If you wait for something to _____, it will never ___.
  3. People who are given something for ____ can’t be selective.
  4. Blood is _____ than water.
  5. Don’t count your _____ before they hatch.

Pattern Recognition Test - Srinimf

What is missing number


Top number (6) – 2 (Bottom left hand number) x 2 (Right hand bottom number)

6-2 = 04

4×2 =8

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